Dark Arcadia

Written by Sally McLean in 2019, disrupted by the Covid-19 pandemic in 2020/21, this new mini-series from the creator/director of the multi award-winning Shakespeare Republic is currently in pre-production and begins filming in mid-2023.

A story of relationships and the struggles for power, set within the world of rebelling teenagers and the adults charged with their care, Dark Arcadia is the next instalment in the Shakespeare Republic universe.

Drawing on inspiration from current world events mixed with Elizabethan text that shows us Shakespeare was ahead of his time and is still truly relevant, Dark Arcadia ultimately shows us that sometimes the adults don’t have all the answers and the way those in charge behave is important.

Dark Arcadia is produced by Incognita Enterprises and funded via grants from the City of Melbourne, the British Shakespeare Association, Creative Victoria, and Creative Partnerships Australia through an Australian Cultural Fund BOOST Grant, as well as tax deductible donations from the general public via the Australian Cultural Fund.

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