About The Series

Above: Dark Arcadia Poster. Design by Sally McLean.

Dark Arcadia is a story about love. A story about revenge. And a story about the validity (or not) of taking justice into our own hands.

Examining the colliding worlds of rebelling teenagers and the adults charged with their care, inspired by world events and movements, using Shakespeare’s original text, this gothic fantasy is the next project from the universe of the internationally award-winning Shakespeare Republic, written and directed by Australian actor/writer/director, Sally McLean and produced by Incognita Enterprises.

In this short-form limited series, we meet a range of different characters from seven different plays over a 24 hour period, set in the microcosm of an Australian high school, exploring power, relationships, the idea of outrage culture, fake news and the Elizabethan equivalent of a Grimm’s faerietale.

Primarily utilising the perspective of Generation Z, Dark Arcadia features some of Shakespeare’s most iconic characters played by a cast of hugely talented established and emerging Australian actors. With a focus on female, culturally diverse, disabled and LGBTQI+ talent, using his undiluted, original words, we journey into human relationships and their consequences with a touch of magic realism and a dash of food for thought.

This 3 x 8 minute digital series creates a cohesive world built from a range of Shakespeare texts, threading together scenes from several of Shakespeare’s plays, as written, to create a multiple story strand structure set in the 21st Century.

Dark Arcadia … something wicked this way comes …

Dark Arcadia is produced by Incognita Enterprises and funded via grants from the City of Melbourne, the British Shakespeare Association, Creative Victoria, and Creative Australia through an Australian Cultural Fund BOOST Grant, as well as tax deductible donations from the general public via the Australian Cultural Fund.