About Dark Arcadia

A story of relationships, the struggle for power and the #MeToo movement set within the world of rebelling teenagers and the adults charged with their care.


In October 2017, the world gave a shudder of both fear and relief as the #MeToo movement fully took hold.  After years of lobbying and protesting, which can be traced back to the Suffragettes, it seemed women were finally being heard with their complaints about inequality and the perceived misogyny that seemed embedded into human society globally.

But has anything really changed in two years? And is this movement truly just a product of the 20th and 21st Centuries or have we been standing on these battle lines for longer than we realise? Using Shakespeare’s original text, we meet ten different characters from five different plays over a 36 hour period, and explore the ideas he presented about power, relationships and yes, the Elizabethan equivalent of the #MeToo movement – with surprising results.

Dark Arcadia is the latest instalment in the universe of the internationally award-winning Australian web series Shakespeare Republic (over 50 awards, 100 nominations and 120 official selections in film festivals and industry awards around the world), and the follow-up project from the award-winning Shakespeare mash-up short film Speaking Daggers, commissioned by Independent Schools Victoria (Officially selected for 22 international film festivals, including the Academy Award accredited St Kilda Film Festival, and awarded “Highly Commended” Finalist at the 2017 SBT Shakespeare Film Festival, UK by Jury President Sir Kenneth Branagh and “Best Short Film” at the 2017 Peak City International Film Festival, USA, among others), helmed by critically acclaimed writer/director, Sally McLean, and featuring some of Australia’s favourite actors and a wide array of up-and-coming young talent about to take the world by storm.

Utilising the perspective of the younger generation, whose attitudes are shaped by the internet and the stronger than ever influence of the global media, Dark Arcadia is a culturally diverse, female-driven series featuring some of Shakespeare’s most iconic characters, using his undiluted, original words as we journey into human relationships and their consequences with a touch of magic realism and a lot of food for thought.

Drawing on inspiration from current world events mixed with Elizabethan text that shows us Shakespeare was ahead of his time and is still truly relevant, Dark Arcadia ultimately shows us that sometimes the adults don’t have all the answers and the way those in charge behave is important.

Dark Arcadia … something wicked this way comes …