Thank You

Dark Arcadia was only made possible by a swathe of generous individuals, organisations and government departments who contributed financially to enable the project to be produced. We are so grateful to all of them for providing us with the funds to create this work and wish to thank them publicly here.

Grants & Sponsorship

Dark Arcadia was the grateful recipient of grants and support from the following organisations & government funding bodies:

Individual Donors

Dark Arcadia would like to thank the following individuals for giving so generously to our two crowdfunding campaigns to develop and produce the series (listed in alphabetical order):

Leo Atkin
Paul Bamforth
Robina Bamforth
Harry Blutstein
The Bubbles Review
Emily Chadwick
Anne Cleary
Michelle Cooper
Stephen Costan
Pez Cummings & Paul Nelson

Kim Durban
Jodi Haigh
Amy Hanson
Geoffrey Hayden
Diana Johnson
Allan Kitchingman
Amelia Knight
Jenny Lu
Larraine McLean
Margaret McLean

Alicia McShane
Julia Maxwell
Amy Miller
Kathleen Neal
Wendy Phillips
Emma Santa
Vivian Smedley
Janine Stacey
Jessica To
Stephen Wyley

and all our Patreon Patrons, plus all the donors who gave to our campaigns anonymously.