Above: Meerna Yousif as “Hero” with Millie Falconer as “Isabella” and Maria England as “Margie” on set of Dark Arcadia. Photo by Allena Tran.

We are delighted with the response that Dark Arcadia has received on the international film festival circuit to date and thank all the festival directors and juries for including the series in their line ups.

According to statistics from the Web Series World Cup (a body that keeps track of web series content globally), on average 500+ web series are made around the world each year, from over 30+ countries, shown on free platforms such as YouTube, through to the large global streaming companies, such as Netflix. It is a huge market with an extremely diverse amount of offerings and we are so thrilled to be included among the ranks of so many talented creators and production teams from across the globe.

Below is a listing of festivals where the series has been officially selected so far.

“Dark Arcadia is currently ranked in the TOP 10 web series in the world out of 214 web series globally and the #3 web series in Australia (April 2024 Web Series World Cup rankings).

Film Festival & Industry Award Nominations:

Nominated: Best Micro Series (International) – 2024 Cusco Web Fest (Peru)
Nominated: Best Production Design (Joseph Tiernan) – 2024 LA Web Fest (USA)
Nominated: Best Screenplay (Sally McLean) – 2024 LA Web Fest (USA)
Nominated: Best Director (Sally McLean) – 2024 LA Web Fest (USA)
Nominated: Best Series of all Genres – 2024 LA Web Fest (USA)
Nominated: Best Web Series – 2024 Unrestricted View Film Festival (UK)

Film Festival Official Selections:

2024 Cusco Web Fest (Peru)
2024 LA Web Fest (USA)
2024 Unrestricted View Film Festival (UK)
2024 Tatras International Film Festival (Slovakia)
2024 Panama Series Festival (Panama)
2024 Apulia Web Fest (Italy)