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A huge thank you to all the private individuals and businesses who supported our successful May 2020 ACF crowdfunding campaign and donated so generously to the project. We would not be able to create the work we do without this amazing and tangible support and we are so grateful to everyone on this list.

Jodi Haigh
Emma Santa
Jim and Jill Woodlock
Margaret McLean
Larraine McLean
Jenny Madden
Geoffrey Hayden

Diana Johnson
Kathleen Neal
Amy Hanson
Sven the Merchant
Jaklene Vukasinovic
Allison Christians
Anne Cleary

Seven Dragons
Julia Maxwell
Harry Blutstein
Amelia Knight
Wendy Phillips
& all our anonymous donors

Thank you to our valued Patreon Patrons!

These people truly keep the lights on in the Incognita Enterprises’ office and we couldn’t do this work without their invaluable support every month. Our continued gratitude to all of them for supporting our work so consistently and generously.

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