Billy Smedley

as “Macbeth MacFindlay”

A graduate of Ballarat Arts Academy (formally BAPA), Billy Smedley has played numerous roles in theatre, most notably “Banquo” and “The Doctor” in Macbeth, followed by “Lysander” and “Lion” in A Midsummer Night’s Dream for Oz Act and performing six seasons of new Australian writing with Fractured Femur theatre company in various lead roles.

His screen credits include playing the guest role of “Lieutenant Colonel Roland Claremont” in Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries for ABC TV, the lead role of “Sheriff Sealey” in the short film Ransom’s Bribe, the lead role of “Bounty Hunter” in the vampire short film Half Blood, the guest role of “Martin” in Salam Café: Chef Rumzee for SBS TV, the lead role of “Hawksborn” in the prequel to the award-winning Terry Pratchett short film Troll Bridge, “Henry V” and “Hamlet” in the multi-award-winning Shakespeare Republic and “Prince Hal” in the award-winning Speaking Daggers, opposite Scott Major, amongst others.

Billy is also a presenter and voice-over artist, hosting the educational film The Physics of Light for VEA and voicing the role of “Spy” for a Team Fortress parody musical video, that gained just over a million views on YouTube.

In addition to his acting work, Billy is a highly experienced Kung Fu practitioner, has a basic foundation in Parkour and stunt work and is an ex member of the Australian Defence Forces (Army).